St James’ Primary School

Client Diocese of Peterborough
Type New build
Use Primary school
Date 2006

The new primary school in Northampton contains six independently identifiable blocks arranged hierarchically relating to use, each accentuated by pyramidal, stepped and gabled roof shapes. Four blocks are teaching clusters each containing four classrooms. These are arranged around an internal foyer and have clerestory glazing topped by a natural ventilation exhaust chimney. The largest remaining block, the community block, contains multi-use hall, changing areas, studio, ICT suite and library while the smallest is the administration block and forms the main entrance.

For the classrooms, we designed a combined temperature and wind driven natural stack effect ventilation system with passive noise attenuation measures at the air inflow and outflow position. The BP Institute validated the design with physical scale modelling of the modes of air flow. The result is that St James’ Primary School is believed to be one of the first new primary schools in England to meet the stringent requirements of both BB87, Environmental Design for Schools, and BB93, Acoustic Design of Schools.