The Tower Theatre Company are unique in being the only full-time non-professional company in Central London that since its formation in 1953, has always played in public theatres. The Tower Theatre Company stages up to 18 productions a year and all their actors, directors and technical crew get involved for the love of it, working together to produce shows that compete with the best of the professional London fringe. In 2003, they lost their home in Islington and have been seeking a new base since then.

We have supported this search with Feasibility Studies, Schemes and Planning Applications for a number of sites and have now designed a new 150 seat theatre at 4 to 6 New Inn Broadway, Hackney.


The site is notable for the discovery of part of the foundations of "The Theatre", constructed in 1576 by James Burbage and home to the Chamberlain's Men, an acting company that included William Shakespeare.

The new theatre contains a small auditorium with bars, dressing rooms, rehearsal spaces and a costume department, all within a relatively compact footprint.

Full Planning Approval was granted in October 2009.  Unfortunately for the Tower Theatre Company, they were unable to raise the funds and have had to renew their search for a new home.  The Belvedere Trust, however, stepped in and instructed us to develop the theatre plans (now renamed The Theatre after the original).